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The Right Technology Service Plan For You

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Have you recently signed up for service from a company that claims to provide unlimited support for all of the devices in your home or business, only to find out that what you see isn’t what you get with your plan?

More and more retail providers, which I will leave undisclosed and let your imagination fill in the blanks, are offering support plans for all of your PC and smart device needs in your home or business for an unbelievably low subscription cost per month.

Some consumers and business owners alike are jumping on these opportunities thinking they can save an enormous amount of money by not paying the going rate for a professional IT related service, and getting everything taken care of in a snap! How can you go wrong, right?:

What they find out though, in the small print, is that some of these plans don’t cover advanced levels of software, hardware or smart device installation, repair and configuration, nor do the technicians have the depth of real-world experience to perform such work. Lots of times they are flipping through scripts of documentation in hopes of finding a reference to a quick fix for your issues, only to waste your valuable time and in the end advising you to contact the developer for the solution, sending you back to square one, all with no end result.

At Authority IT we too provide maintenance plans besides selling our service status quo. However, the plans we offer cost a bit more, but truly cover the in’s and out’s of your technology and the work is performed by certified professionals with vast industry knowledge and are also great communicators. No robot virtual assistant Q&A, and our support center is live and USA based. So, if you’re in the market for support and on a budget, contact us today and let us evaluate your needs and propose a plan for support that is just right for you and your budget. We are a company that you can rely on when you need IT.

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