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AuthorITy Server preventative maintenance care is an excellent way for businesses who do not have an IT administrator on site to ensure not only that your servers are running optimally but also to identify potential issues before they arise, thereby reducing costly downtime.
How Does AuthorITy Preventative Maintenance Care Work?

Typically a AuthorITy consultant performs a series of tasks outside of normal office hours so as to avoid impacting server performance when users are logged in. The kind of tasks undertaken are agreed upon with the client beforehand which usually include the following:

* Hard Disk check & Rectification as required
* Backup system check/Rectification as required
* Operating System patch/update check plus installation
* Firewall and Managed Switching patch/update as required
* Server reboots as necessary
* Anti Virus software check, update and status report if relevant
* Event Log review plus investigation of errors
* Server hardware health check

When a AuthorITy Server preventative maintenance agreement forms part of a wider IT support contract AuthorITy recommends that one of our consultants attends on site at least every four months and performs additional tasks, such as testing the restore and data backup functions.

How Much Time Should You Spend on Server Preventative Maintenance?

Two hours a month is sufficient to cover the time necessary for effective proactive server preventative maintenance on a single Small Business Server. However, in some cases, AuthorITy may recommend three hours where a server has not had the benefit of regular upkeep and maintenance in the past.

Should my Network PC's get Preventative Maintenance?

As with all computers, Workstations or Personal Computers (PC's) do suffer from performance issues if they are not updated and maintained. This can not only cause productivity issues with your users but could result in downtime if the performance issues progress. AuthorITy can provide updates and housekeeping tasks, such as disk checks, anti-virus checks, defragmentation, general clean-up and driver updates on a scheduled basis. If you'd like to implement regular routine maintenance on your computer network's PCs we'll be happy to work with you on your specific requirements and design a customized AuthorITy maintenance care plan. You'll have peace of mind knowing your network is being maintained properly and your data is being safeguarded. Give us a call today for more information.


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