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What is a Smart Home?

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What if all of your devices in life could be connected to the internet? Yep, we’re not just talking about computers, smartphones, but everything! Such things as your stereo, lights, speakers and appliances, doorbells and more taking communication and commands from you as quick as a voice command or touch of a screen.

Home automation is considered the Internet of Things (IoT) which gives you the ability to control items around your house. Systems are relatively inexpensive, and the requirements range on complexity of set-up and configuration. It couldn’t be more affordable today compared to years ago when the technology broke ground and some systems allow compatibility with other manufacturers devices, allowing more flexibility when choosing that right device for your home.

Commonly Smart Home systems can come bundled and integrated with security and surveillance systems but are available standalone should you choose to just have control over your devices but if you need both we suggest looking for a complete system for your convenient use. Having central control is convenient.

Smart Home systems and devices also make great gifts, so it couldn’t be a better time to invest in to a system or a device for a friend. Do you need help choosing the right Smart Home system for your home but don’t know where to start? Reach out to us and we’ll have one of our Authority IT home automation specialists go over your options, budget and help you install the right system for your home.