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Should I choose a Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice attendant?

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When it comes down to picking that right voice attendant the question becomes for a consumer, which one is right for me between the leading brands, the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa?

The concensus in 2017 indicated that 65% of consumers were turning to Amazon Alexa over the Google Assistant. In 2020 the numbers appear to be similar, with the Google Assistant gaining some traction in the market share. This of course depends on what report you are reading. 

Which one is smarter?

Recent studies suggest that the Google Assistant is more accurate when answering questions. The study included testing Apple Suri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The study found that Google Assistant tried to answer nearly 70% of the questions asked and responded correctly 90% of the time with Amazon Alexa attempting to answer over 50% of the questions asked and responded accurately about 80% of the time.

Which one looks better?

From an aesthetics perspective, they both are attractive. The Google Assistant does offer an assortment of colors. However, the Amazon Alexa does have the availability of integrating with some third party options for expanding sound, which can change the look as well. This capability is in part due to physical design factors allowing devices such as the Amazon Echo to drop and connect into such devices.

Which one costs more?

Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are about the same from a cost perspective. Google’s devices have become less expensive over the years to become more competitive with Amazon. This includes during the holidays and sales events.

Which one is compatible with my other smart devices?

This should be an important factor in your decision to choose one or the other. For example, Google recently acquired Nest and Amazon acquired Ring. If you have Nest devices it would make sense to integrate a Google device for compatibility purposes as with Amazon and Ring devices. Both companies are attempting to bridge the gap with their device compatibility offering all-in-one type interfaces in your home or business. So, besides the functionality, and the differences we have expressed previously in this article, it’s important that you choose between the two solutions wisely, based on the already established smart technology you may have.

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