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IT Disaster & Emergency Plan

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With today’s technology becoming easier than ever to prepare for emergencies, it can still become unreliable during emergency circumstances if you haven’t prepared to keep your devices protected and powered up. Here are some tips to make sure you are tech ready for a disaster:

Stay Informed

Download the appropriate apps on your computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone. Set them appropriately to provide weather alerts with multiple reliable local and national services. Sign up for emergency text services regardless of standard or non-standard messaging fees that may apply. Your life is worth the cost. Use social media safety channels such as on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through organizations such as the American Red Cross, to let your family, friends and co-workers know you are safe.

Text First

Cell networks can become crowded during emergencies, making it difficult for customers to make calls. Text messaging, for example, requires less bandwidth, which means it’s one of the more reliable options of transmitting communication during situations where many people and systems are trying to transmit at the same time. The reality is no matter how great our technology is today, including with the new 5G signaling, circumstances arise that overwhelm communication towers and create a log jam effect. So, if and when these types of circumstances occur, be patient, text first then try and use other means of outbound communication. Your first message could be the most important.

Scan Your Documents & Photos

If you don’t already have one, a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) is a must. It gives you the ability to print, scan and even fax all from one device. Utilizing the scanner, you can scan important documents and photos to your computer or store on your device and then back them up. This way you’re not relying solely on paper documents in the event you have to leave in a hurry. Let go of the old school thinking of filing and get on board with the only fully reliable way of protecting your irreplaceable and valuable documents and photos. 

Keep Your Data Backed Up

Don’t just rely solely on backing up your data to an external hard drive or flash drive. With today’s cloud technology it makes it easier than ever to offsite your data securely at a reasonable cost. This way should your property be subject to a disaster your data is safe and secure somewhere else and can easily be  recovered. Cloud backup solutions vary for home or business use. They are very secure and use password and two factor authentication security. Keep in mind, equipment is replaceable, but data is not. Contact Authority IT for more information on the available solutions, many of which we are directly partnered with, so there is no doubt we will have a solution that is a fit for you.

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