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Do I Really Need Security Cameras?

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If you’re thinking about adding cameras to your home or business security arsenal, it’s important to check out the different kinds of camera options available. The types include DVR and cloud-based types of solutions. Each have different functionality, specifications and installation requirements. Some may claim to be DIY, however, besides the installation and configuration of such devices, placement of the cameras is important to assure adequate coverage of your property is met.

DVR Based Cameras: DVR and NVR based security cameras can cost on average as low as $75, up to several hundred. This cost depends on the number of cameras, and how advanced their features are, such as 1080 HD and IR. Something to keep in mind with these types of solutions is a thief could potentially break in and take the DVR console, gaining access and destroying the video footage.

Cloud Based Wi-Fi Cameras: Cloud-based cameras integrate with a Wi-Fi signal and store footage and images in the cloud offsite, which are viewable by streaming them on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Cameras developed by companies such as Nest and Ring, as well as others, cost between $180 and $200. They carry a monthly subscription for one device with unlimited options. Retention time of the video and images can vary by subscription.

Hidden Cameras: Hidden cameras are out of plain sight. Options can include pocket, alarm clocks and light bulbs, among other devices making them very inconspicuous. The cost of such devices can range from $100 to several hundred dollars.

Something to keep in mind is that just because you have cameras doesn’t mean you’ll catch a thief. Most customers want cameras, so they can find out who is breaking in, but even if the footage captures their face, it doesn’t guarantee they will be caught. It’s recommended that an alarm system with 24/7/365 monitoring be established along with security cameras.

Security cameras are playing an important role in deterring and preventing crime these days. On the average you are filmed approximately 80 times a day when you are out and about in public. With crime on the rise it’s important to protect your investments and assure your safety, so it’s recommended to carry some form of security surveillance. Are you in need of assistance with selecting and installing the right solution at your residence or place of business? Contact Authority IT for a consultation and we’ll go over the best options for you.