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Dealing with Technology Frustrations

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Does technology frustrate you? You’re not alone. Technology comes in all forms. So, while we could try and cover all aspects of it, devices, and services you use avidly, and anything technology, the consensus says computer operation is #1. So, let’s get into why.

Some people feel like they have no control over their PC, and it’s getting the upper hand over them, whether it’s not functioning properly or not providing them with results they need.

Have you ever opened say a Word or Excel document to find it doesn’t represent your latest changes or all your data is gone? Panicking is inevitable.

How about you try to print, and nothing comes out of the printer? The printer that has been reliable and has never caused any problems is now not communicating with the computer and you’re on a deadline. Frustration can set in.

What about when you finally decide to back up your data manually, as it’s been a while since you had, to find out your flash drive or external hard drive is not showing as a device, or if it is isn’t responding to opening the drive? This can be your biggest worry.

Each of these issues can take some time to work through, with the potential of needing an IT professional to resolve, especially if recovery of your data if needed. Making an investment into a backup is one of the most important things you can do besides having your PC maintained. We use the analogy of automobile maintenance in relation to PC’s. Without maintenance, little issues could become bigger, just as with PC’s. It’s proven, as failure is imminent with any device.

Some of the issues we have mentioned are minor compared to data loss or failure of your PC, whether how you take care of your equipment or understanding when hiring a professional is needed and important. Time is money and trying to solve issues unsuccessfully can cause more frustration and loss of time. There is nothing worse than not finding success with your issue and realizing you’ve lost an entire day of your life because of it.

The solution? Everyone has a different level of patience when it comes to operating a PC. If/when a problem arises, before doing anything, we suggest thinking about what’s involved. It’s a priority and one of the other important things you must do before trying to tackle the issue yourself.

Some problems can be resolved by an end user, and operating systems can correct themselves sometimes too. There can be a joy in this. But, thinking the problem through and realizing that you may not have the patience or enough knowledge to take corrective action should be your first step. Don’t let a misunderstanding of the value of hiring a professional get in the way of you realizing when it’s time to bring someone in for help, and not waste your valuable personal or professional time elsewhere, not to mention your patience.

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